Fisherman's Feast Events

Fisherman's Feast – Flight of the Angels


In what ​National Geographic ​called “A Spectacle not to be missed” The ​Fisherman’s Feast closes with the annual “Flight of the Angel.”

After a day-long procession of the Madonna del Soccorso di Sciacca through the streets of the North End of Boston, members of the Fisherman's Club bring the Madonna statue to North Street where two angels on balconies on either side of the street recite an Italian devotion. This culminates in the entrance of the flying angel, descending from a third-story window to meet the Madonna, and concludes with a rainfall of confetti on the astounding street celebration below.

This year’s “Flight of the Angel” ceremony will be held at 9PM on Sunday August 16th]. The 2020 Flying Angel will be played by Mia Graffeo with Gianna Puccio & April Palazzolo Cedano as the Side Angels.

Fisherman's Feast – Meatball Contest


Boston is renowned for its numerous, exceptional Italian restaurants, but have you ever wondered which one serves the best meatball? Find out for yourself in the Annual Boston's Best Meatball Contest, presented and hosted by the Fisherman’s Feast!

Each year, several Boston Area restaurants compete for the coveted prize of Boston's Best Meatball. Festival goers are welcome to try a meatball from each restaurant, then vote on which one they think is best. At the end of the tasting period, the top vote-getters will be brought to a panel of judges who will decide which restaurant makes The Best Meatball.

If you are interested in participating in this years Meatball Contest, and have a restaurant in the Boston please contact Domenic Strazzullo at 617-590-1957 or email him at:

Fisherman's Feast – Cooking Stage


Need new ideas for what to cook? Looking for new techniques and ingredients to bring to your next dish?. Stop by the Fisherman’s Feast’s Cooking Stage, where you can learn the secrets from the professionals.

Throughout the weekend, the stage will host various cooking demonstrations by famous chefs, who will showcase their talents and share their recipes with our audience. Festival goers will also experience other events, like wine tastings and pairing suggestions, DJs and special cooking contests for kids, to name a few.

The stage is located at the corner of Fulton and Lewis Streets and will run events all Feast long. A complete list of events is coming soon.

Interested in Participating on stage or Sponsoring the Cooking stage please reach out to Kenny Palazzolo at:


This is the highlight of the Feast for many people. All day on Sunday, members of the Fisherman's club and their families carry the statue of the Madonna in a procession through the streets of the North End.

When the Madonna returns to North Street late in the afternoon (see schedule of events), it is time for the grand finale. A young girl dressed as an angel will fly out of a third story window and down to the Madonna. After a short prayer she is raised back up into the window to the cheer of the crowd and showers of confetti.

Yankee Magazine calls it "Truly one of Boston’s greatest treasures!" and National Geographic says “It’s a spectacle NOT to be missed!’"



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