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Welcome to the
Fisherman's Feast!

Boston's Oldest Continuous Italian Festival!

Fishermans Feast Raffle

Annual Raffle Winners!

On behalf of the Fisherman's Feast, we would like to thank all of you who helped support our feast by purchasing a raffle ticket. The raffle was very successful this year. Below is a list of the Winners. Wee will be contacting those winners and getting prizes to them by weeks end.

1. Gloria Maniscalco, Entertainment Package ticket P728
2. Joseph Graffeo, $500 ticket P1250
3. Caterina Bono Geany, Scratch Ticket Money Tree ticket P1522
4. Marc Carregal, $100 Combo North End Gift Card ticket T107
5. Michael Graffeo, $100 Combo North End Gift Card ticket P4009
6. Nick Catinella, $100 Combo North End Gift Card ticket P3216
7. Lisa Marks, $100 Combo North End Gift Card ticket P337
8. Donna McCabe, $100 Combo North End Gift Card ticket W2586
9. Bosco, $50 Gift Card Aria
10. Bosco, 50 Gift Card Tony & Elaine's

Congrats to all the winners, and we hope to see everyone next year at our 111th Fisherman's Feast!

Fishermans Feast 2020 Virtual Schedule

Feast Virtual Schedule
August 13-16th, 2020

In honor of: La Madonna Del Soccorso Di Sciacca

Thursday, August 13

6 PM:
Chapel doors open to visit the Madonna.

7pm: Watch the virtual opening of our feast via our YouTube channel @ fishermansfeastboston

Saturday Aug 15th:

11am: Live Stream Mass in Honor of La Madonna Del Soccorso at St Leonard’s Parish streaming on Facebook follow St Leonard’s Parish,North End,Boston

7pm : Join the Fishermans Feast Boston YouTube page to watch this years Angel Ceremony.

All weekend: La Madonna Del Soccorso will be placed in her Outdoor chapel for our family and friends who share ourdevotion to come visit. Only 1 person at a time will be allowed into our Chapel. We ask that all visitors please adhere to all PPE Guidelines. Wear a Mask, stay 6' apart and if you are sick or experiencing symptoms to PLEASE stay home. Thank You!

The 110th Fisherman's Feast, Thursday Ceremony

2020 Fishermans Feast Cancellation Notice

Dear Family and Friends of the Madonna Del Soccorso Society,

It is with a heavy heart that we send out this letter today. For 110 Years the Fisherman’s feast of Boston has celebrated the feast of our beloved Madonna del Soccorso, from our blessing of the fleet and family night on Thursday, to our grand procession and flight of the Angel on Sunday. Unfortunately due to the current pandemic and restrictions put in place by the city of Boston, we have been forced to cancel this year’s feast. I know it will be difficult to imagine a summer in the North End without our festivals and traditions, but now is a time that we must look to the Madonna and all the patron Saints to help us all get through these troubled times. It is with our devotion, prayers and beliefs that we will all make it through this together and stronger.

We can say that at some point there will be a planned celebration for the Madonna. We will definitely keep you all informed as soon as plans are made.  
We hope that you all are safe and healthy and we want to extend our well wishes to everyone. If you are in need or having troubles, the Madonna del Soccorso Society is here to help you. Please reach out if you need us in any way at:

The Madonna del Soccorso di Sciacca of Boston Society

Fisherman's Feast – Sponsors


Traditionally, the Fisherman's Feast was funded by the numerous Sicilian fishing boats that made up the Boston and Gloucester fishing fleets, as well as many of the local North End businesses. Over the past 20 years with the decline of the local fishing industry, we have been forced to look for new ways to keep our tradition alive.

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Fisherman's Feast – Vendors


When most people think of the "feasts" they think of the smell of Italian sausage. It doesn't matter if the feast is in the North End of Boston, Little Italy in New York or anywhere else in the world, the vendors are an important part of what makes a feast special. Our vendors sell not only Italian sausage, but a variety of food and...

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Fisherman's Feast – Entertainment


Whether it’s Pop, Rock, Disco or even traditional Italian Music, The Fisherman’s Feast offers something for everyone. The Feast offers 4 FREE nights of entertainment, giving our crowd a chance to turn back the clock and listen to some oldies or dance the night away to the newer trends in today’s Music. Past Performances have included The Jersey Tenors, The Hitmen, Frankie Avalon, Michael Amante, Jerry Vale, and the Tokens to name a few. Keep checking our Schedule to see who the Feast will be bringing in this year. We will guarantee it will be Fantastic!

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Countdown to Our Livestream Angel Ceremony

What is the Fisherman's Feast?

The Fisherman's Feast is an annual event that began in Boston in 1910 and is based on a tradition that goes back to the 16th century in Sciacca Sicily. The Feast is based on the devotion of the fishermen from Sciacca to the Madonna del Soccorso (Our Lady of Help). When the fishermen immigrated to America in the early 1900's, they brought their traditions with them. Today's Feast is much the same as it was over 100 years ago with lights adorning the street and the smell of sausage in the air. The current Feast is organized by the descendants of those original immigrants and still includes a procession of the Madonna through the streets of the North End.

Each August since 1910, the Feast has been held in Boston's historic North End on North and Fleet Streets, making it the North End's oldest continuously running Italian festival. The Feast traditionally starts on Thursday when the statue of the Madonna is moved from her home in the Fisherman's Club to a chapel at the center of the feast. This will be her home throughout the weekend. Thursday is also when the fishermen that founded the Feast are remembered with a blessing of the fishing waters. Each night and during weekend days there is entertainment on the bandstand and vendors selling food (Italian sausages, calamari, pizza, pasta and much more) as well as crafts. The Feast culminates on Sunday night with the spectacular "Flight of the Angel".

A Behind The Scenes Look
At The Fisherman's Feast


Maritime Society of our Lady of Perpetual Help of Sciacca Inc.
PO Box 130076
Hanover St. Station
Boston MA 02113


Kenny Palazzolo, President

Louis Strazzullo, Co-Chairman



General Inquiries

Please email Domenic Strazzullo, Co-Chairman, at or call him at 617-590-1957.