Countdown to The 114th Annual Fisherman's Feast on August 15th-18th, 2024

Online Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at The Fisherman's Feast. Nearly 100 vendors participate in our Feast each year – offering our visitors an array of mouth watering foods, desserts, confections and beverages as well as a wonderful selection of souvenirs, jewelry, artwork, crafts, toys and novelties. Vending locations must be made to fit the narrow streets of the North End, therefore space may be limited to 10’ wide x 6’ from the curb – tenting is permitted in order to protect you and your merchandise from the nature’s elements. Additional spacing may be granted upon request. 

The information provided below will enable us to determine whether there is appropriate space for your vending area as well as determine the amount of donation, applicable fees and permits that may be required. Please Review the VENDOR GUIDELINES section for more information and regulations.

All vendors are asked to submit the following information for review – NEW vendors will be contacted by a member of the Committee upon review of your application. Please be advised that submitting this form does not guarantee you vending space. A member of the Committee will notify you that your space has been approved and reserved. If you require immediate attention please email Kenny Palazzolo at

Fisherman's Feast Vendor Form

2 List and describe ALL merchandise, food, beverage or other items and information to be sold or distributed at vending location:
4. Total vending footage requested: (in Feet)
5. List all equipment you will be using:
8. Please answer the following questions regarding your electrical supplies: Please read and refer to Vendor Electrical Information and Guidelines Sheet

Vendor Rules & Regulations


Vendors are issued a four-day permit (Thursday to Sunday). You may begin to set-up your vending space at your assigned location beginning at 3:00PM on the Wednesday afternoon prior to the start of the Feast, (unless otherwise notified) and must be open for business no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday.

Festival hours:
Thursday: 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Friday: 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Saturday: Noon to 11 p.m

Sunday: 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

You may not begin assembling your vending space until after your vehicle has been removed from the street.  No Parking will be allowed within the festival area or at street intersections that serve as entrances to the feast during the weekend. This will be strictly enforced. Violators will be towed.


The Fisherman's Feast reserves the right to determine those applicants most suitable for vending space within Fisherman's Feast.

All vendors are responsible for obtaining appropriate permits from the City of Boston and its agencies. The vendor shall assume all responsibility for compliance with local, city, state and federal safety, fire, health, and other ordinances, regulations and laws regarding installation of and operation of equipment, displays, structures and exhibit materials. All regulations listed in the City of Boston Public Works Department Application are applied by The Fisherman's Feast and are strictly enforced.

The Fisherman's Feast reserves the right to remove items and merchandise that were not listed and approved in the submitted application and permit. The Fisherman's Feast shall have the authority to deem proper all items including but not limited to clothing, accessories, artwork, music and services that are to be available at vending location. No offensive or demeaning items including but not limited to clothing, artwork, paraphernalia, music or services is allowed. No items or articles bearing the image or wording of “Madonna Del Soccorso” or “Fisherman's Feast” may be sold at the Festival. “Fisherman's Feast” is a registered service mark.

Tents or any temporary structure shall be limited in size to a maximum of five feet from the curb. 12’x12’ tents are not permitted. The vendor agrees not to assign, sublet, or apportion space, or any part thereof allotted to him. No vendor will be permitted to display or sell his products or services outside the confines of his assigned vending space.


The Vendor (participant) hereby accepts and will comply with these Terms and Conditions and Vendor Instructions and also agrees to indemnify Fisherman's Feast, Inc. and the City of Boston and, each of them, and by accepting the terms of this application and setting up a vending stand at the Feast, you agree to save Fisherman's Feast, Inc. and the City of Boston and each of them harmless from and against any and all claims, suits, proceedings, actions, responsibilities, demands, judgments and executions which arise from or are in connection with the possession, use, occupation, management, maintenance or control of the Vendor’s stand(s) premises or any portion thereof or the sidewalks and/or streets abutting same.

The Fisherman's Feast assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or claim arising from acts or omissions of the Vendor (participant), its agents and/or employees’ in connection with any work the Vendor is permitted to do hereunder in the Fisherman's Feast. Further, participant shall defend and indemnify the Fisherman's Feast, Inc., and the City of Boston for the negligence, fault, misconduct and liabilities caused by participants, its agents and/or employees should said negligence, fault and/or misconduct lead to the filing of a claim or legal action.

No refunds will be issued in case of inclement weather, acts of nature or restrictions by governmental agencies to cancel or alter the event once it is scheduled over which the Fisherman's Feast, Inc., has no control.


Electrical power will be supplied by The Fisherman's Feast. No generators are permitted. Each vendor will be supplied with a duplex receptacle (120 volt-2 outlet box) with a total maximum load of 1,400 volts. Fisherman’s Feast electricians will be available to assist you with your hook up and has the authority to remove any hook-up or limit the electric demand at each vending location for reasons of safety and total electrical load demands. For additional electrical service please ask the Feast Committee at time of application. LED lights are preferred, but not required.


Vendors are required to keep their vending space clean and sanitary at all times.

• Vendors using oil or grease causing foods are required to use an absorbent floor covering under fryer and grills, so as not to leave vending location unsafe. All used oil containers MUST have covers on them to be disposed of.

• Vendors selling clams or setting up a raw bar: DO NOT over stuff your garbage bags, use a canvas or burlap bag to dispose of your shells.

• The Fisherman's Feast requires that all used oil be taken with you at time of strike and may not be left behind. If it is deemed that you have left used oil behind, in doing so may affect your application process to return the following year and will be charged a disposal fee.

• It is required that vendors have an operable commercial grade fire extinguisher at their vending location.

• All vendors must sweep out their vending location each night and dispose of garbage properly so the Feast cleaning personnel may appropriately clean the streets. It is recommended that each food/beverage vendor use a cleaning agent at vending location to lessen the odors during the weekend.

• Dismantling is permitted only after festival closing on Sunday evening. The Fisherman's Feast reserves the right, with no liability whatsoever for damage, spoilage, or loss, to dismantle, disconnect, dispose of, store and clear from the Feast area any display materials, goods, property, or merchandise of a vendor who has failed to dismantle & remove their location by 6:00 AM Monday following the end of the festival.


Exhibits which include the operation of musical instruments, radios, public address systems, or any noise-making machine must be operated so that the noise resulting there from will not annoy or disturb adjacent exhibitors and their patrons. The Fisherman's Feast shall have the authority to deem proper any music or audible sound at any vending location. You are a guest in the North End, please be considerate of our neighbors.

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Vendor Permitting Information

Each vendor must obtain a Feast Permit signed by the Feast Committee Chairman before proceeding to any City of Boston Agency.

City of Boston Permitting Process

Every vendor is required to display the appropriate permits that will be obtained from each of the city agencies listed under their vending category. The Fisherman’s Feast Committee will facilitate and obtain permits from all city agencies, with the exception of the Fire Dept Permit, which must be obtained online by all vendors. Failure to obtain the appropriate permits will result in your vending location being shut down and all donations and fees being forfeited. Permit fees are set by the City of Boston and are subject to change without notice.


Temporary Permit from the Inspectional Services Department - Health Division
$35.00 (Obtained by Fisherman’s Feast Committee)

Fire Department permit for use of propane outdoors must be obtained for each location 
over 40 lbs. is
$38.00 (Obtained by Vendor online)

Street occupancy permit from the Department of Public Works for each location. (Obtained by Fisherman’s Feast Committee)
Total: $50.00


Street occupancy permit from the Department of Public Works for each location.
Total: $50.00


Apply for an Entertainment License form the Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs & Licensing. (At least three weeks in advance, a public hearing may be needed).

Street occupancy permit from the Department of Public Works for each location.
Total: $50.00 Food (Obtained by Fisherman’s Feast Committee).

Please give the Fisherman’s Feast Committee all licensing information as it pertains to Inflatables or Carnival, so that permits can be obtained from City Hall.


City of Boston Permits and Licenses

City of Boston Department Locations

ISD/Health Department - 1010 Massachusetts Avenue - 5th floor - 617-635-5300
Permits are to be obtained Monday to Friday by 3: 15 PM

Boston Fire Department - 115 South Hampton Street - 617-343-2177

Mayors Office of Consumer Affairs & Licensing – Boston City Hall - Room 613, 617-635-3911

Public Works Department – Boston City Hall - Room 714 - 617-635-4909
Permits are to be obtained Monday to Thursday- 9:00AM – 5:00PM, Fridays- 9:00AM - Noon

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